Code of Business Ethics

Honesty and Integrity

are the key words defining the Code of our Business Ethics.

Honesty and Integrity are the core values that guide all of our business activities. We are committed to making a positive impact, in the lives of our employees, our business partners, our stakeholders and our community while implementing the highest ethical and professional standards.

By following the Code of Ethics, we will do better and serve better.


We are unconditionally committed to ensure our business practices comply with local and international laws and regulations in our places of operation.

For us, compliance with anti-corruption laws and policies is of primary importance. As a result, we do not provide or receive gifts, meals, travel and other forms of financial benefit in the form of bribery to obtain improper advantages or influence objective decision making.

The success of our business must rely on the quality of our products and services and our level of customer satisfaction.  We comply with competition laws and do not engage with our competitors in any activity that can breach them such as price fixing, bid rigging and market allocation schemes.


Confidential information such as intellectual property or specific product and business data represent the intangible assets of our company. Acquired after years of hard work and substantial investment, our confidential information should be protected with great care and any reckless practice that could lead to its disclosure should be avoided.

In addition, we are committed to protecting, in the same manner as our own, the confidential information of our suppliers and business partners.

In case of hesitation, all information should be treated as confidential. Any unauthorized use or disclosure must be reported.


All recruitment decisions and promotions are assessed fairly and without arbitrariness based on principles of Equal Opportunity and Meritocracy.

Merit will be determined by suitability to job qualifications, capabilities and proven achievement at work.

We value diversity at Sinai Kimya and prohibit to discriminate against race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, maternity, and disability.


While executing our business activities, we are bound to a set of professional and moral obligations that defines our responsibilities.

All employees should provide the best of their abilities and efforts to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. We value fairness and a courteous, respectful manner in our internal and external communications.

We are accountable and must have the necessary preparedness to give an explanation or justification to our shareholders, auditors and relevant authorities. 

The company is responsible for providing a safe and healthy work environment, and, in return, the employees should do their best to maintain it. The company’s resources and time should be used in a manner that maximizes efficiency.

Conflicts of interest should be avoided in business transactions, decisions, and interactions where personal interests conflict with company interests.

In line with our environmental policy and sustainability practices, we are committed to minimizing our impact to the environment.

We have a responsibility as corporate citizens to make a positive contribution to society and serve as exemplary models for the next generation.