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Sınai Kimya was founded in 1977 in Istanbul, Turkey, as a manufacturer of household hygiene products with a passion for chemistry and a goal to make a positive contribution to society through innovation.

In 1983, following the launch of our legendary anti-mosquito mat tablet ESEMmat, we pioneered the establishment of the household insecticide category in Turkey. Over the years, the company has extended its product range to cater to all the pest control needs of a household with an increasing focus towards plant-based, environmentally friendly and vegan solutions.

Our partnership with Ecocert® in 2018 marked the beginning of the development of a certified range of environmentally friendly natural cleaners from laundry to kitchen and surface care with an efficacy comparable to their synthetic counterparts.

Located in the BOSB (Birlik Organized Industrial Zone) in Tuzla, Istanbul, Sınai Kimya’s modern production facilities feature our vertically integrated production capability starting from manufacturing of injection molded parts and intermediate products to finished products in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice ISO 22716.

The company utilizes skilled workers, state-of-the-art equipment, and premium manufacturing facilities to provide the consumer market with high-quality products. We have a strong commitment to incorporate sustainability in all our activities for a better future. In addition to conducting an ethical and honest business, this includes environmental and social sustainability practices. Our company complies with the E.U. Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) as well as the local environmental and work safety regulations.

From the beginning, we have made it our mission to offer products with a superior safety and efficacy profile, contributing to the well-being of our customers, the community we serve and the environment we live in.