Environmental Policy

Sınai Kimya manufactures products which contribute to the well-being of our customers, business partners and societies we serve.

Conducting a responsible business towards protecting the environment and efficient use of Earth’s limited resources, are amoung our top management priorities.

For a sustainable development, we are comitted to:

  • Fully comply to environmental laws and regulations at all times.
  • Strive to reduce our waste and discard in a way to mitigate their impact to the environment.
  • Prioritize the use of recycled materials while reducing the consumption of natural resources.
  • Emphasize sustainability in our activities and strive to take precautionary measures to minimize environmental risk factors.
  • Raise awareness of our employees, suppliers and stakeholders on protecting the environment.
  • Continuosly improve the Environmental Management system by reviewing targets and objectives and by encouraging the participation of all Sinai Kimya employees.

General Manager